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Samsung Empowers Customers with Innovative and Democratized Security Solutions at SDC23

October 6, 2023

New features include updates to Samsung Knox Matrix with passkeys and end-to-end encryption for backed-up and restored cloud data, and the democratization of Samsung Knox Vault

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 5, 2023 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled a range of security innovations across its ecosystem of products and services. With the release of One UI 6, these innovations include updates to Samsung Knox Matrix with passkeys and end-to-end encryption for backed-up and restored Samsung Cloud data, and the expansion of Samsung Knox Vault to the wider device ecosystem. These advancements are engineered for an age of hyperconnectivity, ensuring that as we enter a world where multiple devices connect and share information with each other, the security aspect is never compromised. The updates were announced at the annual Samsung Developer Conference 2023 (SDC23), which brings together developers, creators and designers to explore Samsung’s powerful and seamless connected experiences. At the event, Samsung was able to showcase how these innovations will work to push the industry forward and empower users with more ways to safely do what they love, today and tomorrow.

“The strongest security and privacy innovations can help protect your everyday mobile experience as well as your device,” said Dr. Seungwon Shin, EVP & Head of Security Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “We strive to keep more users safe in more ways than ever, and our latest security innovations mean users can live life with greater options and less effort – so life can truly open up possibilities, now and for years to come.”

SDC23 Samsung Knox Matrix Security Image
Secure Convenience in a Connected World
The release of One UI 6 on Galaxy devices and an update to Samsung Knox Matrix1 work to further realize Samsung’s vision of a future where connected devices can protect each other within an ecosystem.

Last year, we announced that Knox Matrix would support Trust Chain, which will enable connected devices to intelligently monitor each other for security threats, and send notifications to other devices if one is ever attacked. This meant that if a hacker were to target a device, Knox Matrix could detect the threat and isolate that device from other devices to keep the rest of the system safe.

At SDC23, Samsung is announcing updates to another key element of Knox Matrix – Credential Sync, which can help protect sensitive information as it moves between multiple devices, such as Samsung Galaxy devices, TVs and Family Hub refrigerators. With the introduction of One UI 6, Credential Sync brings users an easy and secure way to sync their identities and credentials between their Samsung devices. Also now available within Credential Sync is end-to-end encryption of backed-up and restored Samsung Cloud data.2 This ensures the data can only be encrypted or decrypted on a user’s devices, meaning nobody can see it but the user – even if a server is compromised or account details are stolen. Starting early 2024, Samsung Galaxy devices will also implement end-to-end encryption when users sync their data with Samsung Cloud.3

As part of Credential Sync, Samsung has also developed new ways to manage and secure identities and credentials for a future hyperconnected world in the form of passkeys: digital credentials that can be used as authentication for websites and apps. Through One UI 6, Samsung Pass has been updated with the ability to use passkeys,4 marking a significant step towards a passwordless future where passkeys replace traditional passwords to provide an experience that is:

• Faster: Users can save time on typing their account username into their device by instead quickly selecting the account they wish to sign into
Easier: Once passkeys are registered, users can easily switch over to a new connected device with no requirement to sign up all over again
• More secure: Passkeys only work on users’ registered websites and applications, ensuring protection against phishing attacks from malicious sites or apps

Knox Matrix realizes this revolutionary step in the evolution of passwords by enabling a convenient way to share passkeys across multiple devices without sacrificing security. Based on FIDO’s international standards, passkeys enable users to use Samsung Pass on their smartphone to sign into apps and websites through biometric sensors, such as fingerprints. With One UI 6, passkeys are able to be held in escrow until specific conditions are met – like when a PIN, password or lock screen pattern of a user's previous device is entered on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone. These updated escrow functions within Knox Matrix will eliminate the need for users to remember current passwords or reset forgotten ones, providing convenience and stronger security when sharing credentials between connected devices.

Powerful Security Innovations on More Samsung Devices
Besides innovating to secure the device ecosystems of the future, Samsung is also democratizing its most powerful security innovations for devices today. Samsung Knox Vault is being strengthened through the expansion beyond flagship devices to protect more customers and give them greater choice in the devices they can safely use.

Knox Vault can help protect the most critical data on a device, including lock screen information, such as PIN codes, passwords and patterns. It constructs a secure execution environment that is physically isolated from the system’s main processor and memory and is effective from the moment a user registers their lock screen – thus users can enjoy the security they need without hassle. Knox Vault can help protect users’ security keys which encrypt their private data stored in the device, ensuring total safety – even if the device is lost or stolen.

A hardware-based and tamper-resistant solution, Samsung Knox Vault was created to safeguard a user’s private data against not only software-based hacking, but also hardware attacks using high-end professional tools. Originally launched on Samsung Galaxy flagship devices including S series, Z series, S FE series smartphones and Tab S series tablets, Knox Vault is being expanded to Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs in 2023, and the wider Galaxy ecosystem including Galaxy A series smartphones with One UI 6 or later5 in 2024.

Your Secure Ecosystem, Expanded
The wide range of powerful security measures make Samsung Galaxy devices better at ensuring user privacy, addressing the need for convenience in a hyperconnected society with the backing of a true commitment to strong user security. One UI 6 also brings updates to Galaxy’s Security and Privacy Dashboard, making it easier than ever for users to see and control what is happening to their data. The latest security and privacy innovations announced at SDC23 are built on top of Galaxy’s secure foundation: security at every level from the chips up to the apps, real-time threat detection, and collaborative protection with trusted partners.

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Samsung Knox Matrix availability may vary by model and/or market.
2 Availability timing may vary by app. Support of data backup and restoration for third party apps may vary depending on individual app policies.
3 End-to-end encryption support for Samsung Cloud data sync may vary by app and/or service.
4 Available on Galaxy devices with Samsung Pass, supporting One UI 6 or later. Passkey login is available on applications or websites that support passkeys.
5 Samsung Knox Vault availability may vary by model.

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