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Introducing Knox Matrix: 10 Years of Samsung Knox Security and Samsung’s Vision for a Safer Future

May 22, 2023

How Samsung Knox evolved to protect billions of users worldwide and how the company is now ushering in a new era for device security

Samsung Electronics’ Samsung Knox security platform is 10 years old! Named after one of the world’s most heavily guarded places, it was first introduced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2013.

That’s a decade of world-leading mobile protection for users around the world, during which Samsung Knox evolved into a holistic security platform synonymous with safeguarding billions of consumers and businesses. And now, Samsung is addressing the next frontier of device security with Knox Matrix.

Bringing Security to an Increasingly Connected World
Knox Matrix is Samsung’s vision for a future wherein devices connected in an ecosystem can protect each other – as well as their users. It is a comprehensive approach to security, which will become increasingly essential as more devices and aspects of our lives become connected.

Many users around the world already own an array of connected devices, from mobile devices and TVs to refrigerators and robot vacuum cleaners. The presence of over 14 billion connected devices on the market demonstrates the vastness of this landscape, which shows no signs of shrinking.

Samsung is aware that despite the benefits, increased connectivity has the potential to lead to more exploitations. Traditional security infrastructure that protects single devices will be unable to keep up, as one compromised device stands the chance of impacting others within the same ecosystem. Knox Matrix will address this challenge through a revolutionary concept that paves the way for multi-device security for mobile phones, TVs, home appliances, and more.

Samsung devices that are empowered with Knox Matrix work to protect one another in a trusted network. If one element is compromised, Knox Matrix will isolate it from the ecosystem in order to protect the others. Having Knox Matrix supported across devices can effectively turn a smart home into a smart shield – the more devices a user has connected, the stronger their overall security.

There are currently three critical features of Knox Matrix that ensure its success. Trust Chain has devices monitoring each other for threats. Credential Sync secures user information as data is moved between devices; and Cross Platform SDK will enable devices on various operating systems and platforms (including but not limited to Android, Tizen and Windows) to join Knox Matrix with consistent security standards. This way, we can keep devices safe even in a hyper-connected world.

Knox Matrix manages all this within a private blockchain, allowing compatible devices to check each other for breaches and ensure safety with intelligent threat monitoring. With these steps in place and more features to be introduced, users will be able to enjoy multiple connected devices safely and conveniently.

The Path to the Next Frontier: Stronger Together
Creating the foundations for the next era of device security requires careful consideration. Knox Matrix’s development is going strong, but there are challenges on the way to the next frontier. These include reconciling the many different types of products, with varying operating systems and security standards, into a frictionless system able to work as one.

As devices become more connected, Samsung must also ensure they are not more complicated to use. With Knox Matrix, we are working to offer users transparency and choice along with protection. Users should be safe in the knowledge that they can make informed decisions about their devices, so they can be protected without hassle. We anticipate that Knox Matrix will alert users of potentially unsafe situations, such as the use of old firmware, offering suggestions for any next steps.

The power of Knox Matrix to protect connected ecosystems will be demonstrated in phases, starting with Samsung Galaxy products, such as smartphones and tablets. Knox Matrix-compatible models will be available from 2024, initially with the three core features mentioned above and more expected to follow via updates. This will expand to cover Samsung’s home appliance devices within the next two to three years, followed by partner devices. Development is already underway for partner device compatibility.

A Trusted Record of Secure Innovations
Samsung already has a long history of enabling different kinds of devices to work seamlessly together through SmartThings. In line with the company’s philosophy of open collaboration, Samsung has also been working closely with the most trusted industry partners and the wider security community to define and expand security standards, by better identifying flaws before they become problematic. More eyes, more heads, better solutions. This background serves as a key foundation for all Samsung Galaxy devices, along with end-to-end protection and real-time threat detection that is built into every single layer of its products.

Knox Matrix is just the latest development in the innovative history of Samsung Knox security. Samsung most recently introduced Knox Vault, a key security solution that isolates users’ most sensitive data to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands.

Previous evolutions included TrustZone, which provided a secure environment within the main operating system to run sensitive applications and processes separately from regular software. As such, work and play could coexist securely on the same device.

Samsung Knox also evolved into Knox Suite1 in order to help businesses and key institutions around the world efficiently secure, deploy and manage their fleet of devices with customizable, easy-to-manage software and end-to-end security.

It’s no wonder that industry analysts recognize Samsung Knox with top ratings, and multiple government agencies awarded certifications to Samsung Knox throughout the past decade. That’s why Samsung is proud to say: Knox is one of the most trusted security platforms in the world thanks to its defense-grade security.

By merit of this formidable track record, we are confident Samsung Knox is best placed to define the next era of device security. Connected technology will help us create better lives and better experiences and more connectivity doesn’t necessarily have to mean more risk. With Samsung Knox, Samsung is setting the foundation for a safer tomorrow to be stronger together.

1 Requires separate license key (purchased separately).

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