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The Story Behind the Galaxy S20’s User-Centric Design

March 13, 2020

From its innovative technologies to its sustainable accessories, the Galaxy S20 was designed by Samsung with the user – as well as the environment – in mind.

The innovative devices that make up Samsung’s Galaxy series have always been designed to reflect the needs of its users. Innovations have always come about through an understanding of what kinds of technologies and designs people actually want, and subsequently, over the past ten years, the Galaxy has always been pushing the limits of innovation.

In 2020, the new Galaxy is going further than ever before. Built for the user as well as the world we call home, the Galaxy S20 features a meticulously crafted design and technology built to open up new possibilities and sustainable production practices.

Users Come First

Just like its predecessors, the Galaxy S20 has user experience at its core. By focusing on the changes that would allow a device to fit seamlessly into today’s lifestyles, we carefully developed the design of the Galaxy S20 to have the refined usability users need.

  • Delicately Crafted for Convenience

    The Story Behind the Galaxy S20’s User-Centric Design_Delicately Crafted for Convenience
    At the forefront of the Galaxy S20’s eye-catching design is its large display, which completely fills the front of the device thanks to the fact that the camera hole has been reduced and the screen ratio has increased to 94.2 percent. The expanded display provides users with total immersion.

    Not only has the screen size changed, but so has the shape of the device, too. The four edges have a roundness to them for aesthetics as well as comfort -- the lateral curvature of the rear surface is much gentler than the front, so the device fits perfectly in the user’s hand. As a finishing touch, the four corners where each of the curved edges meet have been carefully polished to ensure stability and durability.

    The Story Behind the Galaxy S20’s User-Centric Design_Delicately Crafted for Convenience

  • Adding Color to Everyday Life

    So as to suit every user’s taste, the Galaxy S20 has a range of elegant color options able to fit in seamlessly with any style. Whether you prefer the serenity of Cloud Blue and Cloud Pink or the profundity of Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black, there’s sure to be a match for each user’s own aesthetic. For each color option, the metal frame on the side of the device and the rear glass are designed in complementary shades for a more seamless look to the finished device.

    The Story Behind the Galaxy S20’s User-Centric Design_Adding colors to everyday life

  • Designed for an Everyday Experience

    The Galaxy S20’s One UI 2 is designed to be intuitive and easy, making it practical for everyone.  For example, when typing, users can undo or redo actions on the keyboard with just a two-finger swipe -- and to help you add that little extra flair to your messages, the device will suggest specific emojis and stickers based on your message. Furthermore, users can quickly log in to accounts and easily view saved data using biometric authentication thanks to the secure storage of personal data provided by Samsung Pass.

    While the Galaxy S20 comes with the full functionality of previous S range devices, it also offers a range of helpful new features. Users can easily learn more about these by clicking on the Tips app or exchanging suggestions with other Galaxy users through Community in Samsung Members1.

Capturing the World, As You See It

The Story Behind the Galaxy S20’s User-Centric Design_Capturing the world, as you see it
Photography is a way of expressing ourselves as we capture the world around us. The Galaxy S20’s camera has been packed with useful innovations, bolstered by impressive hardware and intelligent software for the most powerful camera experience yet.

  • Placed with Purpose

    The Samsung team relocated all the lenses and sensors on the Galaxy S20 to the top left-hand corner of each device. Together, the Triple camera of the Galaxy S20 and the Quad camera of the S20+ and S20 Ultra generate photos and videos with more precision and higher quality than ever before. The extra space generated from moving the camera comes with the added bonus of freeing up more room for a larger battery.

  • A Definitive Moment

    The Galaxy S20 features Space Zoom2, a camera mode that comes with a Zoom Guide Map to help users mark their current shooting location when zooming so that the subject is locked in as the field of vision widens. With Space Zoom, Galaxy S20 and S20+ users can enjoy up to 30x zoom, while Galaxy S20 Ultra users benefit from an outstanding zoom functionality of up to 100x.

  • Photography Made Easy

    The Galaxy S20 helps users easily capture those moments that they want to keep, no matter how spontaneously they may occur. The Single Take Mode can shoot photos and videos in different styles simultaneously. All users need to do is point and record, then select their favorite cuts out of what their S20 device provides them with so that they can truly enjoy the moment rather than waste time stressing about camera modes.
    The Story Behind the Galaxy S20’s User-Centric Design_Photography Made Easy
    Furthermore, users can save their favorite color tones and effects with My Filter and apply this custom set-up when taking any photo to maintain their unique tastes throughout their photo collections. With the Galaxy S20’s refined Night Mode, its default camera now lets you take bright and clear photos even in low light conditions, and Hyperlapse Mode now has a Night-hyperlapse feature that hones in on those gleams of light amid the darkness.

    Lastly, the Galaxy S20 goes the extra mile to help you enjoy your favorite moments even long after you’ve snapped a photo. Users can easily search through their photos on the Gallery, and they can swiftly share these images with loved ones using the Quick Share feature.

    The Story Behind the Galaxy S20’s User-Centric Design_Photography Made Easy

Innovations for a Better World

The Galaxy S20 is not only designed to help make each and every user’s daily life easier by catering to different needs, but it also bears the fruits of Samsung’s commitment towards promoting sustainability.

  • Respecting Diverse Needs

    In each of the three distinct devices in the Galaxy S20 series, features have been added or removed to match a diverse range of needs and interests. The Galaxy S20 provides the basics as well as portability for casual users; the Galaxy S20+ provides a fine balance between design and function; and the Galaxy S20 Ultra provides the ultimate powerful mobile experience for those who need it.

  • Sustainable Practices

    As part of the company’s commitment to pursuing sustainable practices, Samsung and Danish textile brand Kvadrat have collaborated on a case for the Galaxy S20+ that harnesses the threads extracted from recycled plastic bottles as fabric – one 500ml bottle can generate two cases. These renewably sourced covers come in three colors, with the silver iteration providing a nod to Kvadrat’s Scandinavian roots, the green expressing enthusiasm for eco-friendly endeavors and the red expressing stylish intent. Furthermore, the Galaxy S20 range continues the S series’ legacy of sustainability brought about by Galaxy upcycling and plastic-free packaging.

    The Story Behind the Galaxy S20’s User-Centric Design_Capturing the world, as you see it

* The images shown above are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Product specifications may vary by country, region, model, and carrier.
The Community in Samsung Members is available in selected markets only.
This feature, which functions differently based on the model, is automatically available when reaching pertaining magnification levels for zoom-in shots with the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

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