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Samsung Creator’s Day in Partnership with Instagram: Pursuing Your Passion with Galaxy Devices

November 30, 2021

Top creators come together with developers from Instagram and Samsung for Creator’s Day to talk about content creation, building a brand on social media and the future of creativity.

Samsung x Instagram Creator's Day

From filmmakers to photographers, Samsung Galaxy devices are packed with features that expand possibilities for creators. With the belief that if you have a phone and a story to tell you can be a creator, Samsung partnered with Instagram on October 27th and 28th for Creators Day - a virtual event that brought together hundreds of top creators, developers, and representatives from Instagram and Samsung to talk about content creation, building a brand on social media, and the future of creativity.

Joining them were #TeamGalaxy creators Mystic 7, Alex Stemplewski, and Francis Lola — talented content creators in the fields of gaming, photography and fashion — sharing insider tips on how they use the platform to create content their communities love using their Samsung Galaxy devices.  

Seizing New Opportunities for Creators
Instagram has evolved to provide creators with a suite of tools they need to tell amazing stories whilst making a living – all while adapting to changes in how we view content. For example, almost half of Gen Z viewers are now coming to the platform looking for short-form video content, pushing creator’s to adapt their storytelling and use Instagram’s latest tools to tap their community’s interest.

With all the new features, it can be overwhelming for creators when planning out content. Alexander de Leon, Product Marketing Manager at Instagram, says the key to success is experimentation.

 “The best piece of advice that I would give to any content creator is jump in, do testing, learn, post content, do it consistently and then get both qualitative and quantitative feedback,” said De Leon. Beyond creating a suite of new content creation tools, Instagram is also finding new ways to help creators earn money on the platform.

Samsung has worked hard to make sure Galaxy devices help you get the most out of the latest features and opportunities by making it easier than ever to create shareable, engaging content.

Getting Creative with Galaxy Devices

Samsung Creator's Day

During the Samsung Creators Day in partnership with Instagram event, each of the creators highlighted how Galaxy devices have boosted their Instagram creativity.

Alex Stemplewski (@alexanderthegreat) finds using a mobile device empowering for his photography, lowering the barrier for entry and making it easy to capture those unexpected moments.

“Instead of me carrying my expensive camera around, I use my Samsung Galaxy S21,” said Stemplewski. “I really want to inspire up-and-coming photographers and people who want to become content creators, that they can do it with the mobile device that they hold in their hand.”

For other creators, the form factor of the Galaxy Z Series has opened up new opportunities for content creation. Lola (@francislola), for example, has found the hands-free video shooting on the Galaxy Z Flip3 especially useful for her workflow.  She recommends using Flex mode as a tripod to open up more creative freedom.

“I just got the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G recently, and this has been pretty life changing for me,” said Lola. “The fact that it basically acts as its own tripod, and I can shoot pictures and videos from anywhere… has been super convenient for me.”

Mystic 7 (@mystic7), on the other hand, recommends using the multitasking features on the Galaxy Z Fold3 to get more done on the go.

“For me personally… the multitasking aspect of the device is crazy. Being able to catch Pokemon… but also being able to multitask on the side like getting the emails done for the brands,” said Mystic7. “Being able to do both at the same time has been really, really big for me and helped my career move forward as fast and awesome as possible.”

With a wide range of devices for creators of all types, Samsung is continuing to find new ways to support the creators.

Supporting the Next Generation of Creators
From forming partnerships with Instagram and Facebook to improve image quality, to working on new technology innovations that improve workflows, Samsung is working hard to help creators take their talents to the next level.

“At Samsung, we’re passionate about connecting people through technology, and Samsung Galaxy devices allow for a perfect streamlined experience providing improved camera quality and viewing experience,” said Soo Wan Kim, Staff Engineer, Visual S/W R&D Group, Samsung Electronics.

In recent years Samsung has introduced a variety of camera innovations to help creators improve the quality of their content. AI enhancements and advanced image sensors have improved the camera performance across a wide variety of conditions — delivering tack-sharp images in bright daylight, and clear, crisp images with reduced noise in low-light.

Meanwhile, improved AR experiences and impressive advancements in video quality make Galaxy devices the perfect tools for creating that next viral Reel.

Check out the full video below to learn more about using your Galaxy device to pursue your passion.



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