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[Galaxy Book Pro Series Tech Talk] Unleash Your Creativity and Enjoy Cinematic Entertainment Experiences with the Galaxy Book Pro Series

April 28, 2021

With AMOLED displays, Dolby Atmos sound and a range of inspiring creativity functionalities, the Galaxy Book Pro series offers users the best experiences for play as well as work.

The Galaxy Book Pro series brings together innovations from all across the Samsung Galaxy so that users can make the most of their devices – be it for work or play. 

The Galaxy Book Pro series features self-emitting AMOLED displays so that users can enjoy smoother, more vivid and cinema-quality viewing experiences wherever they may be – all the while reducing eye fatigue thanks to SGS-certified Eye Care technology. 

In order to further ameliorate the Galaxy Book Pro series’ cinematic media experiences, the devices feature Dolby Atmos for a surround sound effect through the two speakers that let you hear your favorite content’s audio as it was intended.  

 more, users can unleash their creativity with ease with their ergonomic S Pen thanks to the inclusion of Samsung Notes on the Galaxy Book Pro series, as well as the upgraded PENUP app for artists of all levels. 

Learn more about the exciting entertainment features of the Galaxy Book Pro series in the videos below.  

[AMOLED Display]


Q. What makes an AMOLED display slimmer than LCD?
LCD panels typically use backlighting and include bulky parts such as chassis, sheet and light plates. Juxtapose that with AMOLED which features a self-emitting structure where each pixel operates with no need for backlighting – requiring less space and making the solution thinner than LCD.

Q. What are the advantages of an AMOLED display?
AMOLED displays show more colors, so they are able to express richer colors. AMOLED displays offer a smoother screen experience when watching videos or playing games due to the shorter response time. And add to that, they are able to express True Black color, which allows users to experience a definite improvement in image quality when watching videos with a lot of dark cinematography like battle scenes and horror films.

In addition, we’ve reduced the blue light emission in order to reduce eye fatigue, and have earned “Eye Care” certification from SGS.

Q. How can an AMOLED display be used more efficiently?
Users can choose from various display modes from their Samsung Settings.

Focus mode enhances focus for users accessing multiple apps simultaneously. This blurs the background so that users can focus on a particular part of the screen. 

Auto mode automatically optimizes the color space to match user activity. Auto mode helps users enjoy a wider, vivid color gamut when playing video games or watching a movie, view accurate colors when browsing the web or editing documents, and utilize professional-level color palettes suitable for graphics when using photo editing.  

Q. How durable is the AMOLED display?
Traditionally, an AMOLED display is thin and lacks backlights. To counter-balance, we enhanced the durability of the display with aluminum and metal materials and engineered a buffer mechanism at the lower end of the glass to protect the display from external shock.

[Dolby Atmos]


Q. What are the audio specifications of the Galaxy Book Pro series?
The Galaxy Book Pro series features two speakers, supports earphones, and carries two microphones for video calls and online meetings.

The Galaxy Book Pro series device features Dolby Atmos to create a surround sound effect with the two speakers for the cinema experience. When watching movies, Dolby Atmos provides you with a sound quality optimized for the cinema experience.

Q. How can the Galaxy Book’s Dolby Atmos be used most effectively?
We recommend listening with the default stereo when listening to music but you’ll really experience the power of Dolby Atmos when watching movies, as much of the cinematic audio is recorded to come out from the back. The surround sound provided by Dolby Atmos lets you hear the audio as it was intended.

Q. How do you set up Dolby Atmos on the Galaxy Book Pro series?
Simply type the letter ‘D’ in the bottom search bar and search for the Dolby Atmos. You can turn the Dolby Atmos function on or off from there. You can choose four modes from there: a default setting mode, a bass center mode with rich bass sounds, a voice mode for clear voices, and a mode with clearer mid to high sounds. Select the setting that suits your listening needs best.

Q. Why is it so difficult to establish good sound quality on a laptop?
The performance of the speaker depends on the surface area of the vibration plates and the amount of air movement. Because a thin product cannot be equipped with a large speaker, it can be challenging to improve sound quality. Regardless, we were able to implement the best sound quality compared to products of the same level by applying special functions to the amplifier.

Q. Any last comments regarding the sound quality on the new Galaxy Book Pro series devices?
We’ve done our best to bring superior sound quality to these ultra-thin and light devices. We leveraged our expertise and know-how to bring incredible audio experience to users.

[Samsung Notes & PENUP]


<Samsung Notes>

Q. What is Samsung Notes?
At first glance, Samsung Notes is similar to an on-screen notepad, but there are many more features. It is designed around the S Pen and supports a variety of different pen input types, so you can not only write but also draw. Simply put, it’s a ‘drawing notepad’.

Q. What did you consider when developing Samsung Notes for the Galaxy Book Pro series?
Many users experienced Samsung Notes on their smartphones first, which is developed for Android. When developing Samsung Notes for the Galaxy Book Pro series, we developed a similar UI to the Android application so that users can feel a sense of continuity across devices. We also put a lot of effort into fast synchronization, as the app needs to be well connected when using multiple devices.

Q. Is there a Samsung Notes function that is especially useful on the Galaxy Book Pro series?
Samsung Notes has a variety of incredible features but let me introduce a few of them. First, when users draft documents, they often include images. If you’re in the middle of the street and shoot something on your smartphone, you can insert it straight into Samsung Notes on your Galaxy Book Pro series.

If the user has a certain part of the image they want to crop, they can freely cut the picture in a desired shape and attach it in Samsung Notes. Whether that note is saved as a PowerPoint file or a Word document, the images and text can be utilized separately.

Samsung Notes also has a voice recording function. This isn’t a simple playback of recorded audio. By recording audio while taking notes, the notes will correspond to the points the user is recording – like what’s being written or when the pages slide up. The voice recording feature can help users keep record of the exact points that they have marked in the notes during a lecture.

Q. Can you use Samsung Notes drafted on Galaxy Book Pro series elsewhere?
Since the Samsung Notes is linked to the user’s cloud-based Samsung account, the note created on the user’s Galaxy Book Pro series is saved in the cloud. As long as you have access to the cloud and use the same account on smartphone and tablet, the document is synced regardless of time and place.


Q. What is PENUP?
As we spend more time at home, many are looking for a new hobby or stress-buster, and as a result, interest in PENUP is surging. PENUP not only lets users draw on the screen but also allows them to share their drawings with other PENUP users. If you fold the device like this to use it as a tablet, it becomes much easier to draw on the large screen. In addition, you can simply erase the part that you have drawn wrong, or just undo your previous actions and modify your drawing easily.

Q. So is PENUP only an app for drawers?
I am personally not good at drawing. For those who are just like me or want to learn how to draw, PENUP is an easy app to use.

Some of the features include Coloring and Live drawing.

Coloring allows you to easily produce artwork by just coloring in the pictures in various templates. Live drawing shows the entire process of an expert completing an artwork. You can watch the depicted process step by step, while automatically copying the color, type, and thickness of the pen used by the expert on your own pen. All you have to do is try and follow the description and easily complete the work. This is like a virtual art tutor instructing you to make a piece of work by just following along.

About 2,000 Coloring templates and about 1,000 Live drawings are available free of charge and regularly updated.

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