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[Galaxy Book Pro Series Tech Talk] Take Your Video Production to the Next Level with the Galaxy Book Pro Series

April 28, 2021

Thanks to the inclusion of a range of video production features, the Galaxy Book Pro series makes recording and editing easier than ever before.

Whether it’s seamlessly working on a presentation across devices or efficaciously editing a video, being productive means different things to different users.

Understanding this, Samsung has packed the Galaxy Book Pro series with a range of features to make video production easier on your PC. The Screen Recorder feature simplifies the video recording experience, while Samsung Studio Plus makes video editing easier than ever before.

Furthermore, those recording with their PC can enjoy Intelligent Noise Cancellation technology, widely applied to smartphones and earphones, in order to eliminate any unnecessary ambient noise, and can feel more camera-ready than ever before with Studio Mode.

In order to learn more about these exciting productivity features, take a look at the videos below for more information.

[Screen Recorder & Samsung Studio Plus]


Q. Tell us how users can edit video content on Galaxy Book Pro series.
Creating video contents became very popular these days. There’s been a sharp rise in non-face-to-face situations recently, resulting in more video productions in work and education. So, we developed Screen Recorder, which simplifies the video recording experience, and Samsung Studio Plus, which makes video editing easy.

Q. Why should Galaxy Book Pro series users try Screen Recorder and Samsung Studio Plus?
There are already a lot of professional video recording and editing programs on the market, but our primary focus was making it easier for Galaxy Book Pro series users to record and edit what they need. You can immediately start editing through the pop-up window that shows up right after recording the video, and intuitive menu names help users understand the functions at a glance.

Q. How do you use Screen Recorder?
When you turn on Screen Recorder, a ‘Record’ button will appear, alongside a webcam feature that shows the speaker’s face or gestures. The user can also use the S Pen to add a footnote on the video. After recording, a pop-up window will appear that lets you move onto editing from Screen Recorder. A total of four menus will appear: ‘Video trim’, ‘Add text’, ‘Add Music or Narration’ and ‘Start a new project.’ The user can then select the desired function.

Q. What's the benefit of Samsung Studio Plus?
We focused on ease of use. Users can intuitively use the functions without studying or training. Samsung Studio Plus has a cropping function that allows you to keep or delete the parts you do or do not want in the video. This can be useful when producing work-related or educational video content that are often divided into several parts and chapters. There are text and sub-title functions that allow users to put in titles or sub-titles in between different video sections. Adding audio like music and narration is also supported.

Q. When should you use Screen Recorder and Samsung Studio Plus?
Screen Recorder and Samsung Studio Plus can be used regularly for modern world and education scenarios. For instance, they are ideal when teachers cannot be in classrooms and are required to make video-based study materials, or when college students need to present their project results online. They can also be used professionally. For example, creating a video report rather than a slide deck to increase communication effectiveness.  

[Intelligent Noise cancelling]


Q. What is unique about the Intelligent Noise cancelling feature?
The previous noise cancelling technology was called ‘Active Noise cancelling’, which is widely used in earphones and smartphones. This technology records the user’s voice with one mic and the ambient noise with the other and deletes the ambient noise.

Our new ‘Intelligent Noise cancelling’ technology takes this one step further as the AI distinguishes whether the sound captured by the mic is ambient noise or a person’s voice and deletes the ambient noise.

Q. What kind of noises can Intelligent Noise cancelling detect?
With Intelligent Noise cancelling, mic captures noises like barking dogs, crying babies, keyboard sounds, and more.  When multiple users enter a video conference call simultaneously, they each create noises, including background noises. If we don’t have Intelligent Noise cancelling, the result would be a very noisy call for participants. If students participate in an online class at once, each student will share their own noises, such as barking dogs, crying babies, or a car driving. In all these cases, Intelligent Noise cancelling will help overall quality of the conference call or the class and the experience of the participants. 

Q. How does Intelligent Noise cancelling detect and delete all noises except human voice?
We’ve collected as many sound samples that can occur around us and went through over 400,000 different sounds through deep learning.

Q. What are some use cases for Intelligent Noise cancelling?
In online, multiple players speak and interact with each other while they are playing the game, and noises from their environments can disrupt other players. Intelligent Noise cancelling will cancel out these ambient noises and transmit user’s voice only for clear conversation.

Personally, I enjoy watching TV dramas at home. While watching TV in the living room, my child once asked me to turn it off as the sound from the TV was transmitted to his online class through his video conference call. In the past, I would have had to turn off the TV and miss my show but now, with Galaxy Book Pro series, I can continue to watch my show and my child can continue with class, without disrupted by the background noise.  

Q. Anything else you’d like to mention about Intelligent Noise cancelling?
If you have experienced difficulties with noises during online meetings or training sessions, you’re going to find this solution very helpful. I am sure that you will find it as a pleasant surprise.

[Studio mode]


Q. What is Studio mode?
People tend to feel uncomfortable when filming themselves. And many need to take calls from places with less-than-ideal lighting or backgrounds. To improve this, we developed Studio mode, which is a feature similar to a filter app that allows you to adjust certain aspects of your video feed. It’s a software program that helps you feel more camera-ready with a makeup effect as in a photo studio.

Q. Are there any tips for using Studio mode?
Studio mode also has a ‘natural’ mode, and it provides features for removing skin blemishes. You can easily learn how to use the function after using it once, and there is even a separate preset function in the user mode. From there, you can select a function you like in advance and slightly adjust it to use it more conveniently.

In addition to the retouching function, Studio mode provides a screen freeze function, which could be used when you need to step away from the screen during a video call or online class.

Q. Is there a guide for using Studio mode?
It is installed by default and automatically launches when the camera app starts running, so it can be used easily.

Q. Do you have a final message to users of the Studio mode?
We hope that many users will be able to use our video conference app more easily, and that Studio mode will allow users to participate in video calls with more confidence.


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