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[Galaxy A52/A72 Tech Talk] Enhance Your Experiences to See and Do More with Your Smartphone

April 21, 2021

Featuring edge-to-edge Infinity-O Super AMOLED displays and high screen refresh rates, the latest Galaxy A Series devices have been designed to let users see and do more.

When it comes to a smartphone’s display, it’s all about seeing and being seen – which is why the latest Galaxy A Series devices come with Super AMOLED Infinity-O displays for enhanced smartphone experiences.

Users can get more of what they love done on their Galaxy A52, A52 5G or A72 thanks to the devices’ vivid Super AMOLED displays that support up to 800 nits brightness and Eye Comfort Shield, meaning that the screen can be viewed comfortably regardless of lighting conditions.

What’s more, in order to help users enjoy their smartphone’s display without interruption, the new Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 devices come with screen refresh rates of 90Hz and 120Hz respectively1.

Learn more about the latest Galaxy A Series devices’ display in the video below.


[Smooth Display]

Q. Why has smartphone display performance become more important recently?
Now that we’re staying at home longer, we are spending more time streaming videos or playing games on our phones. A bright and clear display and a smooth screen experience without interruptions is one of the most important for these activities.

Q. What improvements were made to the Galaxy A Series’ display specs?
The new A52 and A72 offer a high refresh rate of 90Hz or 120Hz respectively, which previously was only available on the Galaxy S Series.

We focused on trying to provide the same Galaxy experience as the flagship model.

Q. What are the benefits of a high refresh rate display?
A screen refresh rate is the count of the number of times the screen refreshes its image in 1 second. For example, a 90Hz display will show 90 screens in a second. This means that the viewing experience is smoother compared to a 30Hz or 60Hz screen so that users can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience even with high-resolution video content of over 60 frames.

Q. What is another benefit of the Galaxy A series’ display?
The new A Series features Super AMOLED displays, which are built for brighter and more vivid colors and higher resolution. 

Q. Any last comment for the users?
With the growth of 5G networks, high-resolution video content of over 60 frames is becoming increasingly popular. The Galaxy A Series’ display with a high refresh rate will help you enjoy a smooth yet vivid viewing experience.

[Bright Display]

Q. Why is brightness so important in a smartphone display?
Most users will probably have experienced not being able to see their smartphone screens clearly when taking a photo or watching a video on a sunny day or while outdoors under bright sunlight. You’ve probably had to create a shield with your hand to block the sunlight at least once.

This is because of the difference in luminance, which is similar to brightness. This happens when the light reflected on the display is brighter than the brightness of the smartphone, which affects the user’s eyes.

In reverse, when the screen is brighter than the light reflected on the display, the user can see their screens even in bright daylight.

Q. How much has the Galaxy A Series display’s brightness been improved?
To improve the visibility of the display in bright conditions, we needed to boost the luminance as much as possible.

We applied an 800nit brightness feature to the new Galaxy A Series, allowing a 33% brighter and clearer display compared to the previous model.

Q. Any last comment for the users?
I hope that the improved brightness of the Galaxy A Series will help users enjoy a bright and clear display at any time and place.

[Eye Comfort Shield]

Q. Does the Galaxy A Series come with features to reduce blue light?
The new Galaxy A Series features Eye Comfort Shield, which helps reduce the blue light. It adjusts the display’s color temperature based on the user’s smartphone usage patterns, which helps them take care of their eye health and sleep.

Q. Any last comment for the users?
We hope that users can experience our awesome display that offers outstanding quality while also protecting their eye health.

The Galaxy A52 and A52 5G offer a screen refresh rate of 90Hz. The Galaxy A72 offers a screen refresh rate of 120Hz.