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[Galaxy A52/A72 Tech Talk] Create, Communicate and More with a Camera that Lets You Capture the Moments You Want

April 14, 2021

Featuring powerful rear quad cameras, the latest Galaxy A Series devices have been designed to bring awesome camera experiences to more users.

These days, when we think of smartphones, the camera is often the very first thing that comes to mind – that is how important a feature it is.

In order to provide more users with the most powerful camera experiences possible, the Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 come with rear quad cameras. From a 123-degree field of vision on the Ultra Wide Camera and the bokeh effect of the Depth Camera on the A52 and A52 5G to the 64MP high-resolution of the Main Camera and the A72’s precise Tele Camera, you can enjoy steady and sharp shooting experiences whether from close up or far away1.

The latest Galaxy A Series devices also feature innovative Galaxy flagship camera features such as 4K Video Snap, Scene Optimizer, Optical Image Stabilization, Night mode, Pro Video mode – and more.

Take a look at the videos below to learn more about the awesome camera experience available on the Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72.


[Rear Quad Camera]

Q. What kind of cameras are on the Galaxy A Series?
First, we have the Main Camera capable of capturing 64MP ultra high-resolution images. Offering a 123-degree field of vision, the Ultra Wide Camera captures a broader scene on the phone’s display, and the Macro Camera allows small objects like flowers and insects to be shot in close proximity. In the case of Galaxy A52, the Depth Camera provides a bokeh effect when shooting portraits. The Galaxy A72 is equipped with a Tele Camera that supports 3X Optical Zoom, letting users take up to 30X photos.

Q. Is there a special way to use the 64MP high-resolution pictures?
The 64MP high-resolution photos are extremely high in terms of resolution compared to the quality of images we normally post on social media. We can select the part we want from the 64MP picture, zoom in, and crop it by clicking on the Quick Crop icon. The cropped image is saved in high resolution and is ready to use without compromising the photo quality.

Q. How does the camera zoom work?
The 3X Optical Zoom on the Galaxy A72 does not affect the photo quality. When using the 30X zoom, the multi-frame processing solution gets rid of the noise and creates clear images.

Multi-frame processing is a technology that enhances the image quality by not just taking one picture, but by taking several and synthesizing them. For example, when using the Tele Camera, taking a single picture would create blurs due to shaky hands; synthesizing several pictures, however, creates a clearer result. Say you’re in the back of a lecture hall. Using this camera, you can see what’s written on the whiteboard. If you’re at a café and want to see the Wi-Fi password from afar, you can zoom in and check the text from your seat.

Q. How has the design of the Galaxy A Series changed?
It’s hard to say that there’s a specific design for smartphones these days as the front of the device is a full display. The rear design is what naturally became important. That’s why we designed and placed the four cameras and flash on the back in the smartest and most sophisticated fashion, and created this beautiful look of the camera.

[Night mode]

Q. Is there a reason why Samsung introduced Night mode?
To take a bright picture, the camera needs to absorb light.

However, as there is a limited amount of light in the dark, the camera needs to increase ISO gain or adjust the shutter speed to secure more light. If this happens, the images may be shaky – but this can be resolved by the Night mode feature. 

Q. How do we use Night mode?
Select Night mode under the ‘More’ menu. The Night mode supports multi-frame processing, allowing the camera to shoot 12 frames at once and synthesize them into one clear photo.

Q. Which technologies are applied to Night mode?
Aside from the multi-frame processing technology, the Night mode also put Tetra-binning into action.

Tetra-binning is a technology that combines four neighboring pixels to work as a single large pixel, rather than using the individual pixels of the sensor. The merged four pixels acting as one absorbs four times more light than singular pixels, resulting in creating more vivid photos and videos.

[Scene Optimizer]

Q. What does the Scene Optimizer do?
Scene Optimizer uses AI to shoot with optimal settings for 30 different categories of images and backgrounds, which lets us take the best picture by adjusting the focus on the subject. Simply put, the AI helps us apply the right settings such as contrast, brightness, saturation, and white balance to take pictures of the highest quality.

Q. Which Scene Optimizer spec do you recommend the most?
When sharing a memo or a document with close friends, the Scene Optimizer will let you send a clear and sharp picture of the shared file without scanning.


[OIS Camera]

Q. What is the OIS feature introduced in the new Galaxy A Series?
Short for Optical Image Stabilization, OIS is a feature that helps image stabilization by reducing blurs. Applied automatically at all times, the OIS enables users to take stable images and videos with its anti-shake function that puts the subject in the center, minimizing the effects of shaky hands.

Q. Which lens is the OIS feature applied to?
OIS is applied to the 64MP high-resolution main camera as well as the telephoto camera with 3X Optical Zoom on the Galaxy A72.

The telephoto camera, vulnerable to minor shaking applied both 3X Optical Zoom and OIS to enable users to shoot a sharp and steady picture of a subject far away.

[Pro Video mode]

Q. What is Pro Video mode?
Pro Video mode allows users to adjust options like the ISO, shutter speed, exposure, and focus. It’s a feature that lets them film videos “like a pro”.

Q. How can the Pro Video mode be used?
With Pro Video mode, you can change the mood of the video – by adjusting the contrast, highlight, shadow, and saturation levels, as well as the overall color tone of the video.

If you want a vivid look and a cheerful feel, you can try adjusting the saturation and contrast levels. If you’re going for a more lyrical and calm video, you can adjust the video’s highlight and shadow levels.

[4K Video Snap]

Q. What is 4K Video Snap?
We have these precious moments that we want to capture, perhaps at a friend’s surprise party or when spending quality time with our pets. But it’s hard to capture them in the moment.

By using the 4K Video Snap feature, you’ll be able to cherish these precious times in one snap.

Shoot a video in 4K first, and play it. You can instantly turn your favorite scenes from the video into high-resolution pictures by pressing on the video snap icon on the top left corner.


[Selfie & Fun Mode]

Q. How good is the selfie function of the Galaxy A Series?
Nowadays people love posting selfies on social media, so having a good selfie camera is very important.

The 32MP front Camera of the Galaxy A series captures amazing selfies and reflects your natural look.

Q. Are there other functions I can use to take a fabulous selfie?
As you can see, when you use the out of focus feature, the same photo looks quite different.

When you click a picture in portrait mode, it will automatically recognize faces and blur your background. Because of this, the detailing in that picture will be so much better.

Q. Is there a special shooting method when using Galaxy A Series?
If you want to add more creativity to your pictures, use Fun Mode. This is a new feature introduced on the A Series.

This is the first Galaxy series that has partnered with Snapchat. Because of this, you can enjoy the amazing AR features of Snapchat from the native A Series camera.

To use Fun Mode, simply go to the camera menu and select Fun Mode.

Among the AR filters provided, select your favorite and take amazing and unique pictures. You can then share them with friends or on social media.

Usually these kinds of effects are only available through 3rd party apps and/or primary camera only, but in Galaxy A Series you can use these effects with the ultra-wide camera as well to make your pictures more creative.

We are planning to introduce more new effects via Fun Mode in the future.


Galaxy A52 and A52 5G devices come with Main, Ultra Wide, Macro and Depth rear quad cameras. Galaxy A72 devices come with Main, Ultra Wide, Macro and Tele rear quad cameras.

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