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[Video] Behind the Scenes at Galaxy S23 Gaming Optimization Research Center

August 10, 2023

In popular games like PUBG MOBILE – action-packed and full of layers of smoke and explosions – every ounce of optimization counts. At Samsung research centers around the world, expert teams are working hard to take gaming performance on the Galaxy S23 series as far as it can go, so that users can enjoy the latest mobile games as smoothly and vividly as possible.

At the Samsung Mobile R&D Center China-Guangzhou, Samsung’s gaming extraordinaires test new devices to deliver maximized immersion and competitiveness in mobile gaming. In this behind-the-scenes video, explore how Samsung researchers achieve seamless 90FPS framerates, device temperature control, rapid touch response speed and immersive 4D vibration capabilities through constant experimentation and collaboration with pro gamers and partner companies like Tencent Games. 

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