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Tech Lab Notes Part 1: Super Slow-mo

April 4, 2018

Capable of detecting motion, the Galaxy S9/S9+ can capture fleeting moments with mind-blowing detail

Our best moments happen in an instant. Whether it’s an incredible feat of athleticism, a tender moment with friends and family, or a hilarious split-second with an energetic puppy, life often moves too fast to capture. Samsung is helping extend these precious moments with the Galaxy S9/S9+’s new Super Slow-mo feature, which gives those perfect but fleeting moments staying power. Capable of detecting motion, the Galaxy S9/S9+ can capture the action in mind-blowing detail at lightning-fast shutter speeds, so you’ll never have another blurry or wasted shot.

With the new Super Slow-mo feature, which can capture 960fps, Samsung aimed to show new perspectives on the moments you might typically miss. Rather than simply filming videos that will be forgotten in your phone’s gallery, you’re making memories out of hidden moments that you’ll want to share. With endless customization including background music and GIF loop, reverse, and swing, sharing your memories with friends and family is more fun than ever before. 

But building these camera features required some incredible feats of engineering. Just how did we create this next-level magic? Let our product creators tell you with notes right from their lab.

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