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Take PC Power in Your Pocket and Stream Games with PlayGalaxy Link

November 27, 2019

Galaxy Note10 users can pick up where they left off on their favorite games while on the go without local storage or graphics performance thanks to PlayGalaxy Link, now available in select countries

Every gamer knows the pain of reaching that critical point in a story or boss battle only to realize they have an important appointment to get to. Now you’ll never have to miss a beat with PlayGalaxy Link, a streaming service available from the Galaxy Store on the Galaxy Note10 that allows you to bring your PC games with you on the go.

The new service goes beyond cloud gaming, which has dominated the industry in 2019, by allowing you to stream your game library to your device if you already have a powerful PC. With PlayGalaxy Link, Samsung is achieving a new level of gaming, enabling you to create a customizable streaming experience by connecting the Galaxy Note10 to your own powerful PC and the games you already own.

Introducing PlayGalaxy Link

Whether you’re in transit to work, outside in the park, or chilling on the couch, you can use the PlayGalaxy Link app on the Galaxy Note10 to connect to your PC using Wi-Fi or mobile data (4G/5G) and pick up right where you left off in the game.

When accuracy matters most, lag and latency will be less of a problem as PlayGalaxy Link is designed with a P2P connection which provides you with simplicity for better performance without a relay server. The service also uses Adaptive FPS to ensure better connectivity even in poor network environments. However, it should be noted that speeds are dependent on your network connection and reliability will vary depending on local network providers and regional stability. You will also find major improvements to the longevity of their gaming sessions and device performance.


Without the need for local storage or graphics performance, you get high-fidelity gaming while only using about as much battery as streaming video. Since PlayGalaxy Link uses a PC to power your gaming session, the Galaxy Note10 avoids becoming hot and dropping frame rates as a result. PlayGalaxy Link is also compatible with all graphics card manufacturers, allowing you to get the best experience out of their gaming stations when linked to the app.

Best of all, PlayGalaxy Link is expanding the opportunities for gaming on the go by opening up a library of PC exclusive titles for your mobile device. Whether you’re into casual side-scrollers or hardcore RPGs, you can extend your gameplay with both a game controller1 or a traditional keyboard connection.

Setting Up PlayGalaxy Link

Getting started with PlayGalaxy Link is easy. All you have to do to get set up is install the PlayGalaxy Link app2 on both your PC and Galaxy Note10, add your games, and then start streaming. For a better experience, you can connect wired or Bluetooth-enabled controllers to your device.

Since the app uses your computer to stream games, the bulk of processing is done on your home computer. As a result, the better the specs your computer has, the better you PlayGalaxy Link experience will be. Check out the infographic below to see the recommended computer specs and a guide to setting up the PlayGalaxy Link app.

PlayGalaxy Link

The PlayGalaxy Link Beta has launched and is now available in South Korea, US, UK, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Singapore, and Russia. In addition to the Galaxy Note10, Galaxy S10 owners can now download the MR software update to access PlayGalaxy Link. The update will be coming to the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note9, and Galaxy A90 in early December 2019.

1 Game controller may only be purchased in the USA and Korea through the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program.
2 Stub download will be available via Galaxy Store. The Stub icon will be shown in the Game Launcher app.

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