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Take Mother’s Day 2022 into #MothersNight with Samsung

April 21, 2022

Moms do so much — they guide us, nurture us, and inspire us to be better. Her job doesn’t end when the sun goes down, and neither should Mother’s Day. That’s why this year Samsung is helping you celebrate mom even longer, by turning Mother’s Day into an epic #MothersNight.

And with the Galaxy S22’s epic Nightography feature, you can capture all the moments together and celebrate what you share, from twilight till starlight.

Surprise mom with an unforgettable evening by giving her all the things she secretly wants: rest, self-care, and plenty of your time. Whether it’s a relaxing movie night with your favorite ice cream, a soothing stroll to a park at sunset, or a dreamy backyard picnic complete with yoga, throw pillows, and your vibiest lighting, you can find your own creative ways to connect with mom while celebrating in a way she’ll love. And with the Galaxy S22’s powerful nighttime photo and video features, you can capture the evening clearly to revisit time and time again.

Whatever you plan this Mother’s Night, celebrate the lady who does it all with an evening as epic as her. And add the #MothersNight tag to your photos and videos and show the world how you celebrate together. Check out Samsung’s YouTube channel to find out more about #MothersNight 2022.


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