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Smarter, Sportier, Snazzier: The Galaxy Watch Active’s Latest Updates

July 23, 2019

Thanks to the latest set of updates and new range of exclusive watch straps, the Galaxy Watch Active is more powerful and stylish than ever before

The Galaxy Watch Active allows fashion-forward users to pursue healthy, active lifestyles with ease and style, and thanks to the latest round of software updates, app services and UI that have recently come to the Galaxy Watch Active, users can now get even more out of their device as well as their own daily routines.

Driven by usability thanks to the improved Bixby functionality and sleeker, more intuitive UI, the updated Galaxy Watch Active has seamlessness at its core, meaning that users can pursue their wellness and lifestyle goals with ease. Furthermore, users can stylishly match their daily activities to their Galaxy Watch Active strap thanks to the new range of Strap Studio exclusive watch straps.

With this latest set of updates, Samsung, Strap Studio and other partners are bringing a lifestyle ecosystem straight to users’ wrists that is fully customizable and offers effortless usability.

Smarter Usability

The Galaxy Watch Active’s new software updates make for a more convenient, hands-free Galaxy Watch Active experience thanks to the meaningful improvements made to the Bixby function. Users can now harness Bixby’s comprehensive intelligence to start customized exercise routines, find out time differences between cities and easily control their SmartThings ecosystem – all using the conversational language they favor. Bixby’s task-oriented, personalized UX also learns from your routine and preferred questions, becoming more helpful over time. With these latest updates, you can do more with your Galaxy Watch Active without even having to take your phone out of your pocket.

For an even more seamless user experience, the Galaxy Watch Active’s App Tray UI has been updated to provide a more natural, intuitive format, meaning that users can easily and quickly search the interface and open up the functionality they need. To ensure comfort and convenience during use at nighttime, Goodnight Mode now offers its own dedicated view, and while switched on, users can simply check the time with a single press of a button and can sleep soundly without their downtime being interrupted by notification alerts. Furthermore, Goodnight Mode’s particular settings and alert conditions can be fully customized.

Galaxy Watch Active software update

More Options for Health & Fitness

So that users are able to get even more out of Samsung Health and its exercise tracking features, the latest Galaxy Watch Active now recognizes Swimming and is able to automatically detect and record a user’s swimming activity, allowing users to easily and seamlessly keep track of more of their favorite workouts.

The latest range of Galaxy Watch Active updates also allows users to get more out of the watch’s Health functionality thanks to the new Heart Rate – Low Alert feature, which notifies users when their heart rate slips below a specific, user-set value for 10 minutes. The UX of Samsung Health’s Breathe Guide has been improved so that users can easily access breathing rate information and guidance pertinent to comfortable breathing.  

Galaxy Watch Active software update

Stylish Straps for Any Occasion

Not only does the Galaxy Watch Active enrich users’ lifestyles with its intuitive fitness tracking software, seamless connectivity and personalized UX, its minimalistic, stylish appearance suits any personality. With the new Strap Studio collection of straps exclusive to the Galaxy Watch Active, users can easily switch between the range of functional yet sleek wrist straps that have been developed specifically for particular activities and pursuits.

Strap Studio’s Active Rubber Collection, featuring a FKM rubber for optimal comfort, is the practical choice for those looking for sophistication as they pursue their fitness goals. The Active Textile Collection has built-in reflective attributes to help with visibility in low-light conditions, perfect for any outdoors pursuit. The Active Leather and Active Leather Dress collections allow users to seamlessly add a touch of class to their looks, thanks to the authentic Italian leather and classic color ranges available.  

Galaxy Watch Active software update

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