Reviews of the Galaxy Buds Pro

February 3, 2021

Delivering epic sound in an impeccable design, reviewers around the world are weighing in on the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Built to get the most out of their work, entertainment, and everything in between, the Galaxy Buds Pro are Samsung’s most premium earbuds to date. Reviewers around the world have tuned in to test the latest wireless earbuds and are applauding Samsung’s effort to deliver unrivalled sound quality, intelligent ANC, seamless connectivity, and impeccable design.

Check out the quotes below to see what leading reviewers have to say about the Galaxy Buds Pro.


CNN Underscored
"The Galaxy Buds Pro live up to the 'Pro' moniker."

Android Headlines
“There's a new "best" in the world of truly wireless earbuds, and that is the Galaxy Buds Pro."

Fast Company
“Samsung’s new earbuds have one feature that everyone should steal.”

"As a new feature to make its earbuds easier to live with, the Galaxy Buds Pro’s Voice Detection feature has been a really welcome addition."

The Verge
"A great mix in terms of sound quality, ANC, and comfort."
"I really like how these earbuds fit."

CNN Underscored
"We often forgot they were even in our ears when wearing them for hours on end."

"There’s a trifecta of criteria by which ANC earbuds live or die: audio performance, ANC performance, and battery. The Galaxy Buds Pro satisfy on all three counts."

“I was home all day and didn’t hear my doorbell go off."

"Samsung's newest earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro, are its most premium wirefree model to date."

“These earbuds are the missing puzzle piece that ties everything in Samsung’s world together.”
- Galaxy Buds Pro, TechRadar, 01/2021