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[Infographic] The Toughness Evolution: Exploring the History of Samsung's Ruggedized Devices

December 19, 2022

The recent launch of the Galaxy XCover6 Pro and Tab Active4 Pro are the result of years of innovation. Every time a new model is released, Samsung listens carefully to its customers to build devices that are more durable, more powerful and fine-tuned for the tasks they need to perform. Samsung’s hunger for innovation means looking back and taking stock, learning valuable lessons from previous device generations to meet customer needs and deliver the premium quality they deserve.

The latest XCover6 Pro has a screen almost twice as large as the original XCover, which was launched back in 2011, and is tougher than ever.

Starting from that first 2011 XCover launch, Samsung invites you to look back across the history of its ruggedized devices, to see how the innovation of the present begins with the design pedigree of the past.


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