[Infographic] Samsung Introduces Powerful New Developer Tools for Bixby Platform

November 8, 2018

At SDC18, Samsung has announced the opening of Bixby Development Studio for developers, part of the company’s journey to making Bixby a truly global AI platform.

Bixby started as a practical way to use your voice to interact with your phone. Now, it is evolving into a scalable, open AI platform to support all of the devices in a consumer’s life.  

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the new Bixby – a more conversational, more personal and more useful intelligent assistant. Bixby keeps the dialogue moving forward to get things done. It gets to know you and learns from you, to personalize how it helps you. Bixby serves as your personal assistant, making it quick and easy to complete a variety of tasks from start to finish through a growing number of third-party partners. If you say, “Hi, Bixby, give me a restaurant recommendation,” Bixby remembers that you like a certain cuisine, like Italian, and brings those recommendations to the top of the list. Ask Bixby to buy tickets to a concert, and it will ask you follow up questions to find the best seats for you, making the process quicker and easier.1

Now Samsung is bringing that experience to even more devices and services. To evolve Bixby into Samsung’s intelligence platform, we are laying the groundwork to build a scalable AI platform, making it simpler and easier for developers to create user experiences powered by Bixby.

At Samsung Developer Conference 2018, we’re announcing that we’re opening Bixby Developer Studio, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), to developers. It offers access to the same development tools Samsung’s internal developers use to create Bixby Capsules, which is what developers build to add features to Bixby. It’s all part of Samsung’s unique approach to AI, with the goal of building a scalable, open AI platform where developers and service providers can access tools to bring Bixby to more people and devices around the world.

“Our goal is to offer developers a robust, scalable and open AI platform that makes it easy for them to launch and evolve the amazing experiences they create for our users,” said Kyunghak Hyun, Product Manager of the AI Product Management Group at Samsung. “As Samsung’s ecosystem of devices continues to grow, it creates more points of contact not just for Bixby, but for a growing number of third-party services as well. Developers have more ways to reach users, and users get more opportunities to make the most of them.”

Check out the infographic below for all the latest updates to Bixby from Samsung Developer Conference 2018.

1Bixby service availability varies by region.

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