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[Infographic] Building a Connected Future with SmartThings

November 8, 2018

From home security to energy consumption management, SmartThings is a robust, open IoT ecosystem built to simplify users’ lives for the better.

What if, on your morning commute, you could complete your chores at home? Or, before you hit the road, lower the temperature in your car to the ideal degree?

Mobile technology was designed to be taken everywhere, keeping us connected no matter where we go. Today, that technology extends to home appliances, TVs, cars and more, enabling us to do what we couldn’t before. The challenge has been developing a network, or ecosystem, that brings all these next-generation products together to create a seamless connected experience.

Guided by a philosophy of developing meaningful innovation and a long-term vision of connected living, Samsung has worked hard to develop an IoT ecosystem that inspires and allows people to simply do more. At SDC 2017 we announced a consolidated SmartThings Cloud, bringing all of Samsung’s IoT devices and services in a centralized ecosystem and giving users complete control from a single app. Since then, the ecosystem has grown rapidly and global partnerships have helped millions around the world simplify their everyday life.

Samsung is taking seamless connectivity to the next level. At SDC18, developers will hear about new tools and programs that will help them reimagine how connected technologies can simplify our lives through an open and intelligent SmartThings platform. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

sdc18 smartthings motion info v3

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