Galaxy S22 Ultra Captures Creative Minds of Rulebreakers

May 9, 2022

Samsung has teamed up with leading lifestyle publication, Bustle to showcase the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s impressive camera capabilities, while bringing to life the incredible stories of some of the most disruptive creatives in the fashion, music, design and art scenes today.

Samsung worked with breakout photographers, Pia Riverola and Diane Russo to capture the lives and work of four inspirational creatives for Bustle’s Disruptor series, using the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Capturing a glimpse into the lives of creative masterminds
Pia Riverola (@piariverola), a photographer best known for capturing captivating fashion, still-life, landscape, and architectural images, used the Galaxy S22 Ultra to document a spring afternoon in Los Angeles with Jade Akintola and a day in the life of Faye Orlove.

Akintola, who is the founder of the first ever Black-owned outdoor furniture and goods brand, ITA Leisure, is helping to make the industry as diverse as the people it serves. Also based in Los Angeles, Faye is supporting marginalized young people through a non-profit community arts space called Junior High. Using the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Riverola snapped stunningly bright, colorful photos and videos of an afternoon spent picnicking with Akintola, as she talked about her important mission.

“We decided to shoot Akintola outside at this beautiful picnic, reflecting her affinity for the outdoors,” says Riverola, “The Galaxy S22 Ultra was able to take incredibly detailed close-up shots and capture all the beautiful bright colors of the chairs, food, and flowers in videos and photos. Faye Orlove’s space is also incredibly dynamic. I was able to move from natural light to the glow of neon and still seamlessly take great images with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.”

Meanwhile, Diane Russo (@diane_russo), an award-winning filmmaker and photographer hailing from New Jersey, United States, is passionate about socially conscious projects – particularly those that amplify marginalized voices. Using the Galaxy S22 Ultra, she followed Margaret Burton, a designer leading the charge against fashion waste, and sound artists Heidi Sabretooth and Cy X who are democratizing the music industry with a lending library of instruments.

“The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera was incredibly versatile, which was vital for shooting footage for the Disruptor series,” says Russo. “It was able to capture vivid, dynamic shots under any conditions, even in low light, which made it easy for me to capture beautiful images and cinematic videos while documenting the designer Margaret Burton, and the artists at Synth Library.”

“The in-camera suite of professional-quality editing tools made it so easy for me to dial in a look on the go,” Russo added. “My personal favorite was adjusting the color of the images in the pro mode. What was super special for me as a creative, was how easily I could change the aspect ratios for both the photos and video, as well as manually adjust the exposure and tone when I wanted to. That kind of control and flexibility gave me the power to craft my identity into this work.”

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most powerful Ultra device Samsung has ever created and features the most advanced pro-grade camera yet, with an array of features for capturing high-quality, professional-looking photos and videos in any lighting condition. With advanced Nightography features, you can take clear, crisp videos using the front or back camera, both day and night. The 2.4um pixel sensor — Samsung’s largest ever – means the camera lenses allow in more light with minimal noise, resulting in stunning videos and photos any time of the day. These capabilities are just a snapshot of what’s possible with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. For creators and disruptors everywhere, it’s more than just a smartphone; it’s a means of self-expression and way to share bold ideas with the world.

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