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Galaxy S20 FE Continues to Receive Glowing Reviews from Tech Media

November 2, 2020

Featuring Samsung’s most beloved innovations, the Galaxy S20 FE continues to impress leading tech reviewers.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 FE in early October and the hype over the device shows no signs of letting up. From its silky smooth display to its incredible performance and battery life, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone continues to surprise and impress tech reviewers.

Check out the quotes below to see what tech media outlets are saying about the Galaxy S20 FE.


Whether you’re new to Samsung, or upgrading from an older handset, this is the device for you.T3, 10/2020

Android Central
“The Galaxy S20 FE comes in an incredible six different colors! It's a veritable rainbow, from red to purple and plenty of shades in between.” Android Central, 09/2020

Android Authority
"It delivers superb value, a great design, and speedy performance, all for a price starting at $599."

XDA Developers
“The cameras have great image quality in daylight and outdoor low light scenarios.”

Android Central
"Battery life is another reason why the S20 FE could just end up being the best phone of 2020." Android Central, 09/2020

"The high screen refresh rate and top-end processor are a couple of nice premium flourishes." TechRadar, 10/2020

“This is the phone that I think caters to the most people […] It has… everything, and it costs a lot less. This is the company’s best phone in 2020.”