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Best in Video: The Creators Guide to the Galaxy S10

February 21, 2019

From Super Steady stabilization technology to Super Slow-mo, the Galaxy S10 is packed with video features that make it the best choice for recording your stories.

In the age of smartphones, capturing our memories on video has become almost second nature. More importantly, they’ve enabled us to get creative with the way we capture and share our favorite moments, whether it’s a family milestone or a joke with friends. Nowhere is that truer than with the Galaxy S10.  

Powered by Super Steady stabilization technology and equipped with improved camera features, the latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy family lets you capture your favorite moments better than ever. Check out the video features that make the Galaxy S10 the best choice for recording your stories.

Bring Your Audience into the Action
You won’t need to worry about carrying extra action cams or fiddling with gimbals with the Galaxy S10. The camera’s Super Steady stabilization technology means you get pro action-cam stabilization right on your smartphone.

So, whether you’re cycling through the streets, bombing down a hill in the mountains, or skateboarding with friends, you can bring your audience right into the action without making them feel like it was shot during an earthquake. Even if you’re just filming yourself as you walk down the street, Super Steady stabilization ensures you get fluid, steady video every time. Check out the videos below to see how the Galaxy S10 can smooth out your videos.




Add (Even More) Epic Slow Motion to Your Videos
Whether your capturing a silly moment with a beloved pet or shooting an intense action sequence, the Galaxy S10’s Super Slow-mo adds an epic touch to your content.  Capable of taking 0.4 seconds worth of video with a 14.8 second playback, you can capture even more of the action, so you won’t have to worry about missing that perfect moment again.

Just see how much more action you can capture with the Galaxy S10.


Galaxy S10 Super Slow-mo with 0.4 seconds of action

How will the Galaxy S10 take your videos to the next level? There’s only one way to find out – start shooting and see for yourself!

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