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A Wider View: How to Capture More with the Galaxy S10

February 21, 2019

The Galaxy S10’s Ultra-Wide Lens provides you with more space and freedom with which to craft the perfect shot.

If a picture paints a thousand words, the Galaxy S10’s Ultra-Wide Lens can tell epic tales. From stunning landscapes to unique portraits, the 123-degree lens lets you shoot with no limitations and tell stories precisely the way you envision. Here are three ways to get the best out of the Galaxy S10’s Ultra-Wide Lens.

Wider and Richer
Much of what makes a photo stand out comes down to composition. In addition to giving your shots more width, the Ultra-Wide Lens also helps you create depth in your photos. With an area 4.3 times larger than the main lens, composing shots with an interesting foreground, middleground, and background is easy with the Ultra-Wide Lens.

Galaxy S10, Ultra-Wide Lens

Telephoto Lens (Left) & Ultra-Wide Lens (Right)

When it comes to panoramas, the extra room lets you experiment with distinctive compositions, giving you more freedom to craft the perfect shot.

Galaxy S10, Ultra-Wide Lens

Shoot Epic Landscapes
We’ve all been there, trying to take a photo of a stunning view, only to find that your smartphone camera can capture just a portion of it or that you have to zoom out so far you can barely distinguish the subject of the photo. With the Ultra-Wide Lens, you won’t ever have to make that compromise again.

Galaxy S10, Ultra-Wide Lens

Wide-angle Lens (Left) & Ultra-Wide Lens (Right)

For more dramatic results, try shooting landscapes in panorama. Aside from capturing more detail, panoramic shots have the effect of enhancing space in the photo.

Galaxy S10, Ultra-Wide Lens

Discover New Perspectives
The Ultra-Wide lens produces shots with a spacious look. Try introducing lines into the shot from the side or corners of the frame to make your photographs more dynamic. Not only will this method improve the composition of your shots, but the effect will also breathe life into static lines.

Galaxy S10, Ultra-Wide Lens

Panorama shots give you even more liberty to play with lines and curves. When juxtaposed against expansive spaces, curving shapes in these shots transform from ordinary objects into surrealist symbols, giving your photos an other-worldly quality.


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