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[Motion Graphics] How the Galaxy Note9’s Innovative Water Carbon Cooling System Works

August 24, 2018

Galaxy Note9, Water Carbon Cooling system

Have you ever noticed your phone feeling warm after an intense mobile gaming session or after a long trip down a video streaming rabbit hole? That’s because modern smartphone processors pack a lot of power, and with it, a lot of heat.

The Galaxy Note9 has some of the most powerful specs in a smartphone, but thanks to Samsung’s innovative Water Carbon Cooling system, it can safely maintain peak performance even during the most intense gaming sessions.

Building on a legacy of innovative cooling technology, the system uses a thin thermal spreader filled with water that vaporizes at high temperatures, and condenses at low temperatures, to regulate heat. With a larger heat pipe volume and enhanced Carbon Fiber interface, the Galaxy Note9 has higher capacity and improved thermal conductivity, making it possible to do more intense gaming and multitasking without the risk of losing performance.

[Motion Graphic] How the Galaxy Note9’s Innovative Water Carbon Cooling System Works/