[Video] Unbox Your Phone with the Next Galaxy

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This is a phone/https://www.youtube.com/embed/2iNTxLXO-Iw

It’s safe to say that the telephone has evolved - in both function and form - since it was first imagined by nineteenth-century inventors and scientific minds.

A machine that was once used solely to make calls is today one of the world’s most versatile devices. We use it to capture memories in stunning detail and vivid color, to remotely conduct business from anywhere in the world, and to entertain and broaden our minds with captivating content and instantly accessible information.

While the phone and its role in everyday life might mean something different to each of us, the soon-to-be-released Galaxy promises to transform the way we interact with and think about it. By reshaping the device that we’ve all come to intimately know and rely on, and adding to it an exciting suite of new features, the latest addition to the Galaxy lineup will define what it means to think outside the box.

So get ready to open your mind to a galaxy of new possibilities, and let Samsung show you a whole new way to unbox your phone, beginning March 29.