Summer of Gaming Heats Up with Fortnite Galaxy Cup and Chance to Win all-new Galaxy Scout Outfit

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A Fortnite character wearing the Galaxy Scout Outfit
Galaxy Scout Outfit 

Competitive Mobile Fortnite is heaing up this summer with the launch of the Fortnite Galaxy Cup. Samsung Galaxy owners and fans of Fortnite can join the two-day competition on July 25 and 26. All eligible players* will have an opportunity to earn in-game prizes including the Galaxy Scout Outfit and Star Scout Wrap.

More than 50,000 players will earn the all-new Galaxy Scout Outfit and players that score a minimum of five points will earn the Star Scout Wrap.

Star Scout WrapStar Scout Wrap 

The competition will take place in two sessions over the two days, each lasting approximately three hours. Players can participate in a maximum of 10 matches per session and will score points based on where they place in each match and how many eliminations they rack up.

Fortnite Galaxy Cup Scoring
Victory Royale 10 points
2nd – 5th place 7 points
6th – 15th place 5 points
16th – 25th place 3 points
Each elimination 1 point
Each game played 1 point

To participate on the tournament days, players will need to navigate to the Playlist Mode and select the Galaxy Cup tournament, then return to the lobby and hit play. A countdown pop-up will begin one hour before the competition begins to notify registered players of the start time. After the tournament, players that missed their opportunity to win either of the prizes will be able to purchase them in the Fortnite Item Shop.

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*All players on Android operating system are eligible to participate in the Fortnite Galaxy Cup.


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