Style Insider Lance Fresh Turns Heads During One of Chicago’s Biggest Weekends with Galaxy Z Flip

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To show off how the Galaxy Z Flip changes the game, Samsung partnered with celebrated style insider and sports personality Lance Fresh.

Lance is no stranger to being ahead of the pack – he was one of the first to shine a spotlight on basketball stars’ personal style, profiling their looks on and off the court. Lance took the Galaxy Z Flip to Chicago and gave a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest basketball moments of the year, where fashion, sports, music and tech come together.


As Lance caught up with his favorite players throughout the weekend, he used his Galaxy Z Flip to capture every angle and every moment. Flexible, stylish and versatile, the Galaxy Z Flip lets Lance stay connected to his world while also making a statement. No matter if he is researching new looks with his designers, snapping shots at a sneaker drop, or taking inspiration from styles he sees on the street, the Galaxy Z Flip is adaptable to his on the go lifestyle.

Lance opened up about how important technology is to his career and how the athletes are embracing it as a tool for self-expression — a way to be different while making their own personal statements.


See how the new Galaxy Z Flip came to life in the hands of Lance and turned a few heads along the way on

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