Giving Thanks: This Year, Thousands of You Put Mom in the Picture #withGalaxy

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To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, Samsung launched the Put Mom in the Picture #withGalaxy campaign to encourage users all around the world to turn the camera around onto those who are always behind the scenes supporting, documenting, and cherishing us – our moms.

Thousands of you put your mom in the picture using the #withGalaxy hashtag on social media – below are just a few entrants from all over the globe.

Giving Thanks: This Year, Over 8,500 of You Put Mom in the Picture #withGalaxy/

Understanding that for many this year, being close with our moms means connecting via technology, we also asked Samsung employees around the world to share their special moments as they video called their moms to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

Happy Mother’s Day/

To see more special posts by Galaxy users from all corners of the globe that put moms front and center, as they deserve to be, be sure to follow the @withgalaxy account on Instagram.

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