Galaxy Home: How Samsung and Harman Created the Premium Smart Speaker

November 15, 2018

Thanks to the intelligence of Bixby, the connectivity of SmartThings and Harman’s audio legacy, Samsung’s Galaxy Home is a connected hub with a sound that rivals professional sound systems.

Premium sound or intelligent connectivity – it’s a tradeoff consumers have had to make when deciding on a smart speaker that suits their lifestyle. Samsung’s Galaxy Home stands as a unique offering in the growing smart speaker market as it provides both cutting-edge intelligence and premium sound.

Integrating Harman’s audio legacy with the intelligence of Bixby and the connectivity of SmartThings, this new smart speaker becomes the hub of your connected experience with a sound that rivals even  sophisticated audio systems. Featuring advanced audio technology from Harman, including  SoundSteer™ and Natural Sound Processing, Galaxy Home delivers sound, clarity and tone exactly as it was intended.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the technology behind Galaxy Home’s premium sound.

Galaxy Home Fin

Galaxy Home Sound

Galaxy Home Sound

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