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Join Us: A New Dimension of Millennial Fitness

December 28, 2017

Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro, Gear IconX

When it comes to fitness, Millennials are looking beyond weight loss and exercise. For this age group, good health also means being well rested and stress free; it’s more about a balanced lifestyle than counting calories or obsessing over a number on the scale. This holistic approach is so important that many Millennials say that they would prioritize good health over wealth.

Samsung’s latest wearables – Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear IconX – are designed to support this well-balanced approach to health. From sleep tracking, real-time heart rate and exercise monitoring, nutrition management, and a variety of useful apps, these sleek and sophisticated wearables provide Millennials with a connected experience that easily incorporates fitness and nutrition into everyday life. 

Cassey Ho, a Pilates instructor and designer based in the U.S., is one of the many Millennials who wants to help spread the message that working out and eating healthy can be a fun and enjoyable lifestyle. She believes exercise should fundamentally uplift people and enhance their lives. Her simple workouts – typically delivered in bite-sized routines under 15 minutes – and ideas for healthy eating have attracted millions of users online and created a platform for encouragement and open discussion.

While her approach to exercise is fluid, Cassey believes in the power of keeping track of information and personal progress with the help of Samsung’s Gear Sport and Gear IconX.

“Technology plays a huge role in my life. I think it's really good to track information whether it's on a device or on paper because being able to see your journey and look back at how far you've come is really satisfying,” she explains.


Samsung is partnering with a network of everyday athletes like Cassey around the world who’ll share their stories and creative approaches on everything from integrating workouts into daily life and making healthy eating quick and easy, to building inner strength and staying motivated and focused.

Over the coming weeks, they’ll offer insight into how Samsung’s latest devices and technology help support their everyday routines to maintain a well-balanced life, while making exercise accessible and fun.

Join our community of everyday athletes and experience this new dimension of fitness.