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Celebrating Samsung Mobile 2017: A Year to Remember

December 27, 2017

Samsung Mobile 2017, A Year to Remember

This year was one of adversity, reflection and change for Samsung Mobile. We experienced some difficult lessons, which led to some tough conversations and a period of introspection. Through it all, many stuck with us, giving us the courage to pick ourselves up, innovate and create better and more meaningful products and services. Our flagship products, the Note 8 and S8, as well as a series of wearables released in 2017, were heavily inspired by our customers’ passion and loyalty.

We couldn’t have reached these new heights on our own. In addition to our faithful customers, there’s one group of people that we would like to pay special recognition to – the journalists and content creators who cover our products and services. Through their creativity, honesty, and insight, we are able to connect with millions around the world and share our vision across cultures.

The Samsung Mobile PR team’s purpose is to help support journalists and content creators by sharing the latest news and information on our products and services. As 2017 comes to an end, we want to acknowledge the efforts of the media community over the past year, and express our gratitude for the insights they have provided us and our supporters.

To this end, Samsung Mobile is proud to present “A Year to Remember,” showcasing an overview of global media’s buzz of our products and services in 2017. It was a joy reading all the encouraging words and helpful comments. Looking at the staggering number of people who talked about us on social media was also humbling, as it reminded us of the enormous impact our products and services have on people’s lives.

For more information, please visit We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together.

Happy New Year and see you in 2018.

Celebrating Samsung Mobile 2017: A Year to Remember/