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press release

Offering a new dimension to Samsung’s unique Note culture, the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge strengthen Samsung’s category leadership with the most progressive mobile devices on the market
September 26, 2014
Samsung introduces the NX1, a new premium camera designed for the expert photographers boasting a superb image quality, remarkable fast AF system, and ease of use
September 15, 2014
The Samsung NX1 is designed for the expert photographers with a stunning image quality and fast AF system
September 15, 2014
Samsung and Oculus collaborate to create an immersive new dimension of mobile life with the first widely available mobile VR headset optimized for Galaxy Note 4
September 11, 2014
Samsung partners with Diesel Black Gold to design exclusive show pieces featuring the Samsung Gear S
September  9, 2014
Further creating more possibilities for app developers, partners, and consumers to provide enhanced wearable experiences
September  5, 2014
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