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press release

Level Box mini offers users a smart, seamless user experience combined with Samsung’s iconic design and premium sound technology
August 19, 2014
You will see what others dont with Galaxy Tab S
August 18, 2014
Samsung signs an agreement with the IOC in the “Wireless Communications Equipment and Computing Equipment” to expand their product category and strengthen its commitment to the Olympic Movement
August 17, 2014
Products awarded this year include the Samsung Galaxy K zoom, the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX30 and the Samsung M7 Multiroom System
August 15, 2014
Samsung redefines its smartphone design with a stunning new look featuring sophisticated design techniques and compact construction
August 13, 2014
The centerpiece of “Live the Beats, Love the Games” campaign to feature a variety of fun sports games and musical experiences in collaboration with EXO, providing hands-on experience of Samsung’s latest mobile technologies
August  8, 2014
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