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Samsung Offers Software Upgrade for NX300 Users

April 24, 2013 , NX300





Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, has announced that it will be offering a new software upgrade (ver. 1.10) for users of the Samsung SMART Camera NX300, worldwide, from end of April.

The updated version can be accessed by visiting www.samsung.com. Users should go to NX300 product page and click on the ‘Support’ menu for further details.

Updated Items:


1. The Playback view has been improved so that the NX300 remembers the last image which was viewed, automatically taking the user to the most recent image seen.

2. Focus Peaking and shutter speed error has been fixed while the K-MOUNT Adaptor is mounted.

3. Picture Wizard and SmartRange+ functions have been fixed and can now be adjusted together.

4. AF speed and accuracy have been improved:
- The back focusing problem of some lenses in the range has been fixed.
- The AF accuracy of the 85mm lens has been improved.
- The AF speed and accuracy of the 30mm lens have been improved. (To update the 30mm lens, please reference firmware version1.21)

5. Over exposure during video recording in S mode (Shutter priority mode)has been fixed.

6. Shot to shot time has been reduced.

7. The ISO value setting menu has been fixed to be manually set during video recording in M mode (Manual shooting mode).
The OIS error of 18-55mm lens has been fixed.

9. AP Setting menu has been added to Wi-Fi mode.

10. [France only] AZERTY keyboard has been added to Wi-Fi mode.

11. Other bugs are fixed and functions stabilized.


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