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Samsung on the Catwalk of Lisbon Fashion Week With an Exclusive Edition of Galaxy Gear by 'Os Burgueses'

October 11, 2013

Gear, GALAXY Note 3

The next edition of Moda Lisboa will feature the unprecedented presence of Samsung. The brand partners with "Os Burgueses" for the creation of an exclusive edition of its smartwatch - Samsung GALAXY Gear by 'Os Burgueses'

Lisbon, 11 of October 2013 – Samsung and the Portuguese fashion designers ‘Os Burgueses’ chose the catwalk of Moda Lisboa – Lisbon Fashion Week to launch Samsung GALAXY Gear by Os Burgueses, a limited edition of the new smartwatch. This partnership marks an increasingly contemporary fusion between Samsung’s technology and fashion, where GALAXY Gear arises as a wearable device, to be displayed in the main fashion capitals of Europe.

Samsung GALAXY Gear by “Os Burgueses” was inspired by these fashion designers’ Spring-Summer 2014 collection. Cast in silver, with more than two thousand zircon stones in black and white outlining the illustrations of the Portuguese duo, this work of craftsmanship by the jeweller Susana Gorjao symbolizes the concept that set the tone for the collection: a license to go bananas!

This exclusive edition will be presented in the “Os Burgueses” fashion show, during Lisbon Fashion Week, and will be on display later in the Samsung stand at Patio da Gale, in Terreiro do Paco, one of the main squares in Lisbon.

'Os Burgueses' are a designer duo comprised of Mia Lourenco and Pedro Eleuterio. This season, the two designers created a concept based on the desire to have fun ... with a picture of a banana glued to a TV screen ... or designing their own fabrics ... or just because! All in a fun mood and that invites us to "go bananas".


“Currently, there are numerous national artists and designers who recognize the potential of technology, leading their creative process to boundless creativity" - said Nuno Parreira, Head of Telecommunications and Information Technologies of Samsung Electronics Portugal.

"With this partnership, Os Burgueses have shown that Samsung GALAXY Note 3 can be an additional source of inspiration for our consumers and fashion enthusiasts. We believe that, by partnering with this duo of young designers, our presence in Moda Lisboa was reinforced, leading us to a new level of engagement between our brand and our fans and customers."


"It is essential for the development of our work to gather ideas and inspirations of our surroundings. The Note 3 gave us the possibility of using a digital scrapbook to capture what our eyes see and quickly organize digital pages with all the information that would be, otherwise, lost" - said Eleuterio. "I see an image that reminds me of a video and I am able to create a page that joins both things. Later on, I read a related article and I can combine it with my previous gatherings. Afterwards, I can review all the inspirations together and I can also add a sketch created at that time" - said Mia Lourenco. "Do we really need any more reasons to believe in this partnership?"


A true fashion icon, the GALAXY Gear is the perfect bridge between mobile technology and the world of fashion. It has become the first truly wearable technology equipment. Samsung GALAXY Gear is a watch that allows the user to receive calls, read messages and emails, take pictures and even make short videos. It can also be customized with over 70 applications. It is compatible with the GALAXY Note 3 smartphone - the latest product from the GALAXY Note series - which is even thinner and lighter and displays a larger screen, a longer battery life and improved S-Pen features.

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