Samsung Within: The Story Behind the Brand

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For decades, Samsung has changed the way people communicate. While its cutting-edge mobile devices and features are often in the spotlight, the brand’s own journey and the extraordinary human achievements it inspires are less well-known. Yet these stories are no less important to the brand’s identity than its innovations.

Samsung Within is an interactive mobile platform that reveals the values anchoring the brand through multiple chapters. Designed to push the boundary of digital storytelling, the first two chapters explain Samsung's Do What You Can't philosophy and the meaning of its name respectively through a series of interactive experiences. In the third chapter, viewers are invited to travel from the depths of a Chilean coal mine to space with NASA to explore the human impact of Samsung’s creation.

Samsung Within

To maximize the reach of the platform, Samsung created a visual teaser for a billboard in New York’s Times Square, which is currently on display until the end of the month.

Samsung Within CampaignNew York Times Square / Samsung Within Teaser, November 1 ~ November 30

Samsung Within Campaign/

A social campaign was also launched to further enhance engagements with consumers.

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