Leading Tech Reviewers Give Their Take on the Galaxy S20 FE

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Built for Galaxy Fans around the world, the Galaxy S20 FE is packed with Samsung’s most beloved innovations. The device has been generating excitement among leading tech reviewers following its launch. They have been particularly impressed by the device’s powerful performance as well as its incredible 120Hz Super AMOLED display, while many have also praised Samsung for creating a well-rounded premium device that Galaxy Fans will love.

Check out the quotes below to see what top media outlets had to say about the Galaxy S20 FE. 

Leading Tech Reviewers Give Their Take on the Galaxy S20 FE/https://player.vimeo.com/video/468439255

The Verge

"The Galaxy S20 FE is probably the first smartphone we’ve seen that was created as a direct response to the pandemic."

"Free from gimmicks, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE appears to hit all the right notes."

Business Insider
“The Galaxy S20 FE comes with the important things for a high-end phone in 2020, including a smooth 120Hz screen and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processors that powers the top Android phones of 2020.”

"The S20 FE is Samsung's response to the coronavirus pandemic: A premium phone that aims to offer a well-rounded experience at a more attractive price." CNET, August 2020

Tom's Guide
"The Galaxy S20 FE offers many of the noteworthy features that earned the Galaxy S20 high marks, but with a lower price tag." Tom's Guide, 10/2020

"Overall, this is another great phone from Samsung." TechRadar, 10/2020

Android Authority
"Samsung has done a stellar job at creating a ‘greatest hits’ version of the Galaxy S20 with the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition."

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