Expert Tips for Mastering Wellness in the Digital World

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Are we too attached to our smartphones? It’s a question many people are starting to ask themselves as our reliance on mobile devices continues to grow. From the unplugging movement to the plethora of digital detox guides, there’s now an increasing awareness of the importance of managing our screen time.

Holly Niemela, a yoga instructor and wellness expert with over 30 years of experience, says practicing mindfulness is more important than ever in the digital age.

“Mindfulness is about pausing and noticing the world around you. It doesn’t need to mean disconnecting completely but should be about balance,” says Niemela.

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The veteran yoga teacher explains that practicing mindfulness doesn’t require sustained periods of meditation. For those who are always working on the go, even taking short breaks to reflect can make a big difference.

“It can be in your seat or in a private place. It’s as simple as choosing moments throughout the day to breathe, feel, and notice your surroundings,” she says. “We need it to maintain balance in this busy, digital world.”

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While some have suggested that the attention demanded by digital technology is inevitably detrimental to our psychological well-being, Niemela believes both can thrive in tandem, provided that we adapt.

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“We live in a fast-paced world filled with technology, and that isn't going to change. It is up to us to take control of how we use mobile devices,” she says. “We can use wearables such as the Galaxy Watch to take a step back from staring at the screen all the time, increase our awareness of our surroundings while still being connected.”

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Aside from managing screen time, Niemela adds that the Galaxy Watch’s wellness features, such as sleep tracking and stress management tracking, are useful tools for living a balanced life in a connected world.

“Mindfulness is all about being present, and the Galaxy Watch can be a helpful reminder to do that,” she says.

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