Rio 2016


About “A Fighting Chance”

“A Fighting Chance” follows the remarkable stories of four Olympic Games hopefuls: Tsepo Mathibelle, Lesotho, Marathon; Miller Pata & Linline Matauatu, Vanuatu, Beach Volleyball; and Yenebier Guillén Benitez, Dominican Republic, Boxing.

The documentary gives an authentic glimpse into the stories of these athletes from 3 countries who are fighting for their Olympic Games glory. These stories of challenges, courage, and perseverance explore how these four athletes are pushing the limits, defying barriers and embracing challenges as they try to help their countries make history.

  • Tsepo Mathibelle

    (Marathon, 24 years old, Lesotho) said:

    “I am proud to be a part of the Samsung ‘A Fighting Chance’ documentary short, and to show the world the spirit and will that the people of Lesotho have. Our country may be small, but we have big hearts, and I am excited to represent my family, friends and countrymen at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.”

  • Yenebier Guillen Benitez

    (Boxing, 75kg, 29 years old, Dominican Republic) said:

    “I work hard to overcome my obstacles because I want to achieve my goals to be my best and to win a medal at the Olympic Games. Samsung has generously provided us with phones for keeping in touch with my family and friends, and it has helped me a lot because my family is my inspiration. I can also now track my training better and connect with my coach, using Samsung technology to review and improve my technique. These may seem like small things, but they are big to me and can make all the difference”


    (Beach Volleyball, 25 and 27 years old, Vanuatu) said:

    “Our dream is to make it to the Olympic Games, especially after all of the hard work we’ve put into this from the beginning and the challenges we still face every day. Although it is difficult for mothers in Vanuatu to play sports and spend time away from home while competing, Samsung is helping us stay connected, whether with family when we are far away or with our coach when we are in different places.”

Defying Barriers

These athletes vary by sport discipline and geography, but share a passion and unwavering determination to overcome obstacles as they strive to represent their nations on the world stage at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. No athlete from Lesotho or Vanuatu has ever won an Olympic Games medal, and no female from the Dominican Republic has ever prevailed on an Olympic Podium. The documentary captures the history and ambition of these Olympic Games hopefuls, each fighting daily constraints in hopes of seeing the flag of their country fly from the podium in Rio de Janeiro.

Samsung has provided each athlete with a variety of SamsungGalaxy mobile products.
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